About me

I was born in Geneva in 1981, now I live in Austria to where I moved in 1994. Since 2009 I live in the north of Austria, in the so called "Waldviertel" (a very rural region with lots of woods). 


I have been riding since my fourth birthday. In 2007, I was lucky to discover the Parelli system, later on animal communication and craniosacral energy work for horses and humans. 



My father got me riding a norwegian mare called "Prunelle" when I was 4 - and I remember that getting off again was beyond question. Since then, different horses, ponies and donkeys have been going along with me. As a child, I used to ride on Comptois horses, Shettland ponies, a norwegian horse, a quarter horse and two donkeys. Not all of them were my own equines, but some of them were. 


As we moved in 1994, our 2 Shettland ponies came with us. Soon, we had 3 of them, then 4 and so on. I also rode a Noriker, and a troubled warmblood mare. Because I was rather unsuccessful with big horses back then, I went back riding Shettland ponies, Haflingers, Hucule ponies and Welsh Cobs. 


In 2003 I got my horse Beryl (polish warmblood arabian cross). Although I was convinced something was wrong, we had at first lots of fun riding out.  In 2007 I finally got the diagnosis: The limes desease. At this point, I started to REALLY learn about the needs of a horse having severe muscle problems.


After Beryl was fitter again, I could intensify my learning with Parelli, then I found craniosacral energy work, better saddling concepts, better horseshoeing concepts, better horse feeding and horse-keeping concepts and animal communication. I also found really good riding methods, where the focus is more on the horse's mental and physical health rather than just on "doing dressage".


In 2017 my young horse "Jarabe" found his way in my heart. He is a wonderful Lusitano gelding with a lot of potential.