Horse-keeping and feeding

To me, the topics feeding and horsekeeping belong inseparably together. I am deeply convinced of the so called “open stables” and other concepts which allow horses to move 24/7. All in all, this is simply healthier for the joints, tendons, muscles etc., and it is so much more natural for horses. Of course, every open stable must be aligned with the needs of the respective horse. There are different configurations and concepts which actively motivate the horse to move slowly but constantly, for ex. Paddock Paradise.


Talking about feeding horses, I got myself informed about different correlations with common metabolic disorders, which has made feeding all in all much easier to me, and also cheaper. Much is not always better, zu little is usually not ideal, and only sometimes more is really more. I can now easily answer important questions like “Is my horse able to digest everything I feed?”, “What is the correct quantity of mueslipellets?”, “Are there any alternatives to muesli?”, “What should I know about mineral mixtures?”, “How can I recognize good hay quality and how much hay does my horse need?”, “Can I prevent metabolic disorders by the way I feed my horse and what should I know about?”. Other common topics for horse-owners usually are deworming, vaccinations, dental care or laboratory test (where can I get this done?).


All these topics may be summarized as „Health management for the (leisure) horse”. Of course, I have some basic knowledge and I know some very capable people in case of specific questions.

Seminars etc.

2014 - Viewing and working at "La Pineta dei Cavalli", Italy,

                home of Parelli Instructor Alessandro Arcadi

2014 - Viewing and working at the "Paddock Paradise" Austria,                              
                 home of Parelli Instructor Sieglinde Aumayer

2015 - Viewing of "Gut Heinrichshof", home of Dr. Tanja Romanazzi, Germany

2015 - Seminar "Health management for the horse"

                with DI (FH) Anja Beifuss

2016 - Barefoot trimming seminar at the  Parelli Study Center Colorado with                      Leslie Emery

2016 - Seminar "Health management for the horse" part 2

                with DI (FH) Anja Beifuss