Parelli Natural Horsemanship

To me, Parelli is the most logical and simplest way to learn in an honest an effective manner how a horse really ticks. I found Parelli in February 2007, and since then I could attend clinics with Pat & Linda Parelli, different Parelli instructors and other interesting teachers. I was officially awarded my level 4 in September 2014. I have been a licensed Parelli instructor since spring 2017. 


I offer courses, 2 and 3 h workshops and private lessons, at your barn. Please contact me at (or via phone at 0043 (0) 660 76 22 949).


Natural Horsemanship ist a series of habits and skills that horses and humans need to become partners. Pat Parelli


Horsemanship is knowing where to be, when to be, why to be, what to do when you get there and when to quit doing what you're doing. 

Pat Parelli


Watch your thoughts, because your thoughts become your words.

Watch your words, because your words become your actions. 

Watch your actions, because your actions become your attitude.

Watsch your attitude, because your attitude becomes your character. 


Life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams than you are to your comfort zone. 



My teachings are individually designed according to the respective needs of my clients. What are currently the most important needs of the human-horse couple? Are there basic problems to be solved first like leading the horse from A to B, or is there an issue with being haltered and unhaltered in a relaxed way, or with lifting the hooves, or with relaxed saddling? Are there problems with riding out? Issues with trailer loading? Is he horse constantly invading my personal space? How can I be effective without being overdoing it when there is a respect issue?


When the horse has a positive attitude towards the human it’s usually much easier for him to be responsive and relaxed when co-acting. If the horse is distracted by absolutely everything else around him, the human is probably doing something wrong, or maybe he/she is just not interesting enough. Another possibility is that fear prevents the horse from being cooperative. In both cases, problems with longeing and riding are no big surprise. But the good news is that humans can learn techniques about how to convince horses without violence that they also can have a good plan, and that horses can follow and trust humans. In other words: humans may learn the horse-language.


But, there are responsibilities on both sides!

The human:

  • Don’t act like a predator, act like a partner

  • Develop an independent seat

  • Think like a horse

  • Use the natural power of focus

And the horse:

  • Don’t act like a prey animal, act like a partner

  • Maintain gait (standing still is also a gait)

  • Maintain direction (standing still is also a direction)

  • Look where your are going

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2007 - Workshops with Sieglinde Aumayer and Michael Grohmann

2008 - Workshops and clinics with Sieglinde Aumayer, lessons with Michael Grohmann

2009 - Clinics with Sieglinde Aumayer, Michael Wanzenried and Honza Blaha

2010 - Clinics with Sieglinde Aumayer and Alfons Dietz

         - Centered Riding clinic with Christina Müller

2011 - Clinics with Sieglinde Aumayer

2012 - Clinics with Sieglinde Aumayer

2013 - Parelli Fast Track Course in Stoneleigh Park, UK (1 month) with Sam Caporn, Sarah Brady, Humphrey Dirks, Janine Buckley-Hewing, Sharon Crabbe and Sieglinde Aumayer

         - Lessons with Sieglinde Aumayer

2014 - Lessons with Sieglinde Aumayer

         - Lessons with Alessandro Arcadi in Italy

2015 - Lessons with Sieglinde Aumayer

         - Lessons with Alessandro Arcadi in Italy

2016 - Clinic with Silke Vallentin

         - Lessons with Sieglinde Aumayer

         - 5 days Masterclass with Pat & Linda Parelli in Austria

         - 12 weeks Pat Parelli Mastery Program in Colorado

         - 5 days clinic with Ryan Rose in Italy

2017 - 5 weeks Pat Parelli Mastery Program in Florida, license as a Parelli Instructor

         - Lessons with Patricia Valdhaus

         - Riding lessons in France

2018 - Riding lessons in France

         - Masterclass with Linda Parelli

         - Riding lessons in Austria

2019 - 4 weeks lessons with Alessandro Arcadi in Italy and in Austria

         - Second Parelli Instructor Star

         - Lessons with Marion Oesch 

2020 - 4 weeks lessons with Alessandro Arcadi in Italy

2021 - Lessons with Manuel Antunes Classical Dressage (regularly)

         - Clinic with Silke Vallentin

2022 - Lessons with Manuel Antunes Classical Dressage (regularly)

         - 2 x 4 days clinic with Silke Vallentin

         - Colt start Course with Pat Parelli in Italy

         - Lessons with Alessandro Arcadi in Austria