Saddle support

Talking about saddles, I already had a long way to go, not only with western saddles, but also with english saddles. There are countless products on the market, but in fact I know just a few which meet my requirements in terms of quality, orthopedics and price. In my opinion, a horse owner must know just a few very important parameters which will enable him/her to make an informed choice when purchasing a saddle, also for the benefit of the horse. The focus should not only be on the seating comfort of the rider, or on the pretty look of a saddle, no, the main focus should be put on the willingness to perform and health of the horse (eg. preventing the horse from spinal problems). I am convinced that no rider wants his horse to be in pain because of the saddle at every step.



Unfortunately I often see problems due to saddles which are too tight, or poorly fitted. It’s similar for bridles. This is a very regrettable situation, this is why I’m available for coaching sessions which should enable horse owners to critically evaluate their saddles and bridles, and to re-adapt them if necessary. My goal is to help preventing problems, because riding should be fun, for the rider AND for the horse. Well fitted equipment should definitely help with this concept, and should also help reducing costs when back-therapy etc. can be reduced or avoided completely. Please contact me for an appointment!


Just like good training, good equipment is essential for fun and success.  I recommend Parelli Saddles - exclusively provided by Natural Horseman Saddles.  


Their saddles are uniquely designed to offer maximum shoulder and back clearance for ridden horses of all disciplines.  Explore why they are so different and welcomed by riders and horses across the globe by checking out The pads and shims for individual saddle fit, are available in Austria at